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The Effective Nutraceutical for Heart Health

A powerful complex proven to significantly decrease coronary artery disease by over 20%. Conduct a trial.

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Formulate Impactful Products

Formulating supplements with CardioSaver™ means unlocking unmatched cardiovascular benefits.  A science-backed nutraceutical, CardioSaver™ promotes overall cardiovascular health by lowering total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol in the body. CardioSaver™ is also shown to raise beneficial HDL cholesterol levels, lowering overall risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Benefits to Manufacturers

Breakthrough Formula

CardioSaver™ is a natural nutraceutical made up of alcohol-saturated fatty acids and omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids. This powerful combination maintains efficacy, as well as safety and tolerability.

Clinically Effective

Evaluated in several clinical trials, the efficacy of CardioSaver™ is supported by peer-reviewed data, so manufacturers using it can rest assured their products will be backed up by trusted scientific claims.

Tangible Clinical Benefits

CardioSaver™ is clinically proven to promote hearth health by keeping cholesterol in check, as well as protecting against arterial inflammation and blood clotting.

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Variety of Forms

CardioSaver™ is available in various forms and particle sizes, making it ideal for various formulations including tablets, capsules, and more.

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By adding CardioSaver™ to your supplements, you can make more in-demand, profitable products — and help consumers optimize their wellness.

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