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Putting Science First

Recognized globally for innovation, One Innovation Labs is dedicated to the creation of innovative, safe, and efficacious nutraceuticals. Unlike all too many companies in the vitamin and supplement space, One Innovation Labs is first and foremost a science-based entity, founded by internally respected researchers of the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical communities.

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Efficacy You Can Trust

Manufactures benefit from using our ingredients because the effectiveness our our proprietary formulation methods have been tested by the gold standard of research: clinical trials. All our ingredients are also safely made in our own facilities in the United States. Our products are always vegan, non-GMO, and allergen-free. We’re GRAS-affirmed and Kosher & Halal-certified.

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Driven to Create Better Products for All

For our partners, our goal is to supply unique and proprietary ingredients that can help augment the profitability of their brands. For the users of products made with our ingredients, our goal is to greatly improve health, wellness, and the overall quality of life of individuals around the world.

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