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Guillermo Salazar


Mr. Guillermo Salazar has been expertly leading major healthcare organizations since 1983. After a successful start as a primary care group founder, Mr. Salazar went on to lead many well-respected Homecare and Medical Service Organizations towards success, including Atenda Healthcare Solutions’ revenue growth of over $80 million, Regional Medical Associates’ acquisition by MCCI Medical Group, and One Homecare Solutions’ annual revenue growth of more than $85 million. Entering the nutraceutical ingredient marketplace in 2019, Mr. Salazar joined and rebranding Innovation Laboratories, Inc. to form One Innovation Labs. Mr. Salazar brings vast experience in the healthcare industry to the team at One Innovation Labs to lead the way in setting the benchmark for super efficacy, quality, accountability, and innovation in the nutraceutical ingredient marketplace.

Anthony Armas

Chief Executive Officer

For over a decade, Anthony Armas has worked in healthcare administration, managing physicians in both hospital and primary care settings. Mr. Armas began his career at Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) as a Special Projects Administrator before joining UniPhy ACO as the Director of Network Development, contracting physicians throughout the state of FL for an at-risk, government pilot program that achieved success as a national leader in the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Accountable Care Organization initiative. Having worked for a publicly traded health system and a government management program, Mr. Armas has applied and assisted in the implementation of the highest regulated standards of supply chain and clinical support data. Anthony earned both his bachelor & business master’s degree from Florida International University (2012 & 2014).

Pedro P. Perez, Ph.D

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Pedro Perez is an experienced and dedicated Research & Development scientist with a doctorate degree from the University of Havana and a strong background in both chemical/clinical engineering, as well as analytical chemistry. Dr. Perez is a leader in the creation and innovation of multiple proprietary extracting technologies, products, and processes. For over 30 years, he has provided R&D consulting for organizations like Pfizer, University of Florida, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, KV Pharma and many more. Dr. Perez’s vast experience in the R&D of nutraceutical ingredients is what drives the DNA within One Innovation Labs as a leading, reliable partner in the manufacturing space.

Ofelia Alvarez

Chief Operating Officer

Ofelia is a seasoned Executive leader with extensive experience for over forty years. She has successfully built and managed infrastructure for several healthcare organizations, specializing in operations, finance & human resources. Her experience spans across multi-state healthcare companies that actively managed the delivery of care for over 40,000 patient lives in outpatient medical centers, as well as, correctional managed care within State penitentiaries. Ofelia currently directs the operations for One Innovation Labs, focusing on all aspects of human capital, culture development and team efficiency.

Dayrenis Bruguera

Vice President of Finance

John Tugcu

Director of Quality

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