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Health Benefits of :

  • The "Living Healthy Ingredient"
  • Observed Anti-Aging Properties
  • Helps prevent eye disease and atherosclerosis
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is a naturally obtained and bioavailable composition form of carotenoids and fatty acids derived from vegetable sources, a natural bioavailable form of carotenoids. Recent studies have shown a correlation between components of Lipolut and anti-aging properties. Free from pesticides and herbicides, non GMO Lipolut can be easily applied to food preparations, beverages and dietary supplements.

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Clinical Benefits

  • Excellent bioavailability, with enhanced dissolution (dispersion, solubilization and Incorporation into nutritional products)
  • Enhanced purity and superior stability
  • Safe and effective in the delivery, availability, modulation, transport rate and uptake of carotenoids
  • Helps reduce cardiovascular disease risk
  • Reduces complications in people with atherosclerosis